CDC direct Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Preparations at RA

Please be assured that our primary concern is the health and well-being of our customers and employees, and that we are fully committed to making each of our work environments as safe as possible without impacting our service to you.

Below we are sharing the measures we have taken as well as some advice on how you can best protect yourself and your colleagues. We ask that you read this email carefully and work with us to keep our communities safe. Actions we are taking:

• We are monitoring the situation daily and making sure the business is fully prepared to react to any confirmed cases in our centers.

• We are ensuring our teams are armed with all the support they need to provide a safe working environment, while working with local authorities and following local guidance.

• We are displaying guidance notes from the World Health Organization (WHO) in our centers on how to minimize the risk of infection.

• Employees have been provided latex gloves and masks, along with sanitizing products to prevent cross contamination. In addition, our teams will regularly sanitize high-frequency touch points like doors, door handles, common areas, meeting rooms, reception, shelves, glass panels, kitchen cupboards, furniture and equipment to minimize risk.

We have advised all RA team members to follow the guidance issued by Health Organizations with regards to self- isolation in the event of any symptoms arise.




If you are an Employee or Customer of RA , please allow us to help contain the situation, as well as get the proper local authorities and medical assistance immediately if someone is found to be infected.

Medical Grade Masks

Medical grade masks have been distributed throughout the facility for processing and interaction and handling of mail volumes, customers, and employees.

Latex gloves

Medical grade gloves have been distributed throughout the facility for processing and interaction between mail volumes, customers, and employees.

Keeping all areas Clean

RA has expanded all cleaning efforts to allow employees to work in a safe work environment. All equipment, vans, etc. are being cleaned throughout the day to to ensure no cross contamination.

COVID-19 Posted Information

Information about COVID-19 will be maintained online as well as posted throughout the facility to allow protocols to be properly followed, as well as medical assistance is needed.

Social Media

Information can also be found on our Social Media pages, allowing employees and customers immediate information on business/service impacts.