RA merge


Stop waiting for a DATA GUY to handle MAIL.DAT files

RA Merge was created to give the user the power to create new Mail.dat files or Edit existing mail.dat files to enhance savings and create shipping flexibility. The process of creating or editing Mail.dat files should not be an intense process added to your operations. In most cases, customers know exactly what needs to be done with the data, but all software solutions today force operators to have a vast knowledge of how a mail.dat is compiled and what parameters need to be updated to correctly produce the needed data. RA has simplified that cumbersome process by providing Royal Merge, which offers the following solutions:


Create DAT from IMB’s

Create DAT from IMB’s allows the user to upload a list of IMB’s and associate it to a profiled account that is created within the RA website. Once accounts and thresholds have been setup, RA easily allows the compiling of a new mail.dat to be used to submit to the RA Mail process, allowing the user to not only capture preliminary merged savings, but RA mail generated revenue!

Merge Multiple Mail.dat’s

Merge Multiple Mail.dat’s gives the customer the option of compiling multiple mailing jobs to capture commingled savings. This will give the user the added value of the commingle process, but then easily allows for the RA Mail process to gather additional savings.

Edit DAT by Zipcode

Edit DAT by Zipcode allows customers to select a file and strip off local zips or zips that have to be rerouted based on natural disasters, etc. All zips selected will be kept removing all others that are not selected.

Edit DAT by Qualification

Edit DAT by Qualification provides customers the ability to strip off certain qualifications such as non 5 Digit, or non 5 Digit SCF volumes, which allow customer to capture additional savings by using the RA Mail process and maintain 5 Digit qualified volumes for direct submission.

Edit DAT by Destination Entry

Edit DAT by Destination Entry gives customers the flexibility to split off certain destinations that need to be held back for a later mailing or allowing the customer the use the RA Mail process on certain non-qualified destinations.

Edit DAT by Account

Edit DAT by Account provides customer the ability to strip off a customer’s data if for some reason a certain account should not have been mailed, or held back for a later submission. Account pieces and profiling is easily separated for a new Mail.dat to be created.



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